Ken Medanić was born and educated in Sydney, Australia.   He started trading whilst enrolled at Southern Cross University, where he specialized in security analysis and portfolio management. During this time, he developed a software program using MS Access and VB that correlated, weighted and automated the trading of a portfolio of 18 futures contracts, resulting in an annualized rate of return of 88.7%, win:loss ratio of 50% and a Peak:Valley draw-down of 19.21%.

In 2005, Ken began development on a new trading platform which integrated qualitative behavioral models. In 2009, he began exploring the relationship between biology, neurology, psychology, and trading results through a privately-funded, empirically-based research project. He defined this relationship as the “psychophysiology of trading”. Three years later, he had clear evidence: “biological responses precede trading results”. NeuroTrader was born.

Ken moved to Silicon Valley, California in 2012 to obtain a better understanding of biodata collection techniques, QEEG, HRV, and artificial intelligence models.  In 2015, he moved to Montreal, Canada. There, he developed relationships with equipment manufacturers and worked with renowned Olympic coach Dr. Pierre Beauchamp, industry innovator Dr. Hal Myers and Dr. Hiroshi Sasaki. In August of 2018, he initiated the largest behavioral finance study to-date, with a paid pilot program consisting of 100 retail Forex traders located in over 30 countries. The study measured and monitored the psychophysiological responses of all participants over a six- and 12-month period. Using wearable technology he monitored their biological responses and using an e-Learning platform he measured their psychological tendencies and dispositions.  The study is the basis of Ken’s Masters thesis to be published in 2020.

Ken presented the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on fund management at the International China Hedge Fund Summit in 2017. In 2018, he spoke on the same topic at the International Investor Symposium in London, England.  He has been a guest lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology on the topic of machine learning and its impact on the financial markets. In 2019, he presented at FX Week Asia, Tokyo Financial Information Summit and FX Day Madrid. Ken and his wife, Michelle, have two children, 5-year-old Marie-Christine, and 3-year-old Stjepan Anthony. Currently, Ken is pursuing his Masters in Finance and Finance Law degree at the University of London.